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Slit Lamp Upgrade Adaptor

What’s an upgraded adapter for a microscope?

  • Connect the DSLR camera to the polar microscope so that you can observe and photograph the lesion.
  • It consists only of a DSLR camera and this product to obtain high-definition images.
  • Replacing the beam splitter, it provides an optical route connecting the DSLR camera and the C-mount (CCD camera and teaching scope connection).
  • Focus and amount of light can be adjusted through the focusing knob and aperture.

The necessity of upgrading the Slit Lamp

  • High-resolution HD reading images of 24M Pixel can be obtained.
  • Monitor Live View Available and Viewer Interworking Support : The patient’s guardian or photographer can see it in real time.
  • PACS and EMR interlocking systems make it easier to manage data for each patient.

High definition images obtained after upgrading.

  • 세극등현미경에DSLR 카메라를연결하여병변관찰및촬영할수있도록합니다.
  • DSLR 카메라와본제품만으로구성되어고화질의이미지를획득할수있습니다.
  • 빔스플리터를대체하여DSLR 카메라와C-mount(CCD 카메라및티칭스코프연결)를연결하는광학루트를제공합니다.
  • 포커싱노브와조리개를통해초점과광량조절이가능합니다.


Compatible Se-Polar Microscope brand.

Live View function

  • Color adjustment and video quality can be adjusted freely.
  • Easy to manage patient image.
  • Back up your computer right away.