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The I-VIEW100® is an AI-equipped automatic fundus camera that makes it easy for non-Ophthalmologists to take fundus shots and displays the risk of glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration within a second of fundus imaging.


  • Auto Shooting Mode : Auto Tracking, Auto Focusing, Auto Shot for Quick and Easy Image Acquisition
  • Equipped with AI Algorithm : First screening for three major blindness diseases
  • COMPACT volume.

How to use it

So simple to use!

With clinics getting busier these days it was seen as crucial that the new TRC-NW8 should be the easiest camera to use in order to obtain the best possible results time after time.
To facilitate this new TRC-NW8 incorporates some ground breaking technology to aid the photographer

Easy aligment, Auto Focus and Auto shoot

Alignment could not be operator is still in control; however with the very latest in alignment aids the process of getting a sharp focussed image time after time could not be easier.


Auto Focus

This is a new feature of the TRC-NW8 which allows the operator to choose to have Auto Focus facility. This can be of great help when trying to photograph difficult subjects or patients with high degree of accommodstion.
Auto Focus allows for a sharp image every time.


Auto Shoot

The TRC-NW8 has the option for Auto Shoot which is of great benefit to the operator as it monitors when all parameters are correct and takes the picture.
This rapidly speeds up capture process and is of great benefit when photographing patients who have problems fixating.

Image Format



Model I-View100®
Type Digital Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera
Type of photography Color, Digital Red Free, IR Mode
Image format JPEG, PNG, DICOM(optional)
Field of view 50 degree
Min. pupil size 3.5mm
Working distance 24mm
Focus adjustment range -20D to +20D
Display 7” Touch Screen Monitor
Light source Observation light source: Infrared LED
Flash light source: White LED
Resolution 13M Pixel
Eye fixation Internal 7 points
Base Movement Forward/Backward: 42mm, Left/Right: 86mm, Up/Down: 42mm
Chinrest Motorized, Up/Down: 35mm
Interface USB 3.0
Power input AC100 to 240V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions 380(W)×450(D)×400(H) mm
Weight 16kg